What Does the Commercial Construction Timeline Look Like?

Sixty-nine percent of owners claim that poor contractor performance is the single biggest reason for project underperformance, according to KPMG International. 

At Lee Reger Builds, Inc., we have more than 34 years of experience, and our talented team is committed to building long-lasting, quality structures with quick proficiency just for you. 

We not only help our clients save money on future maintenance expenses, but we also provide flexible design options, and our products can be developed in less time than most traditional structures, allowing for faster occupancy

Interested in learning about our construction timeline process? Continue reading to find out more.   


We help our clients through the maintenance of low ongoing operating costs, while still gaining an enduring structure with an attractive appearance, inside and out. 

The timeline of construction can vary depending on our client, weather or unforeseen circumstances. Our process goes through five stages: Planning, Design-Build & Pre-Construction, Procurement, Construction and Post-Construction

Stage 1: Planning

The first stage is exciting for our clients. We begin by conducting a site analysis for the prospective property location. One of our specialized contractors will recommend a site analysis, geotechnical report and cost analysis for your project. 

Site Analysis: A discussion of how your building should be designed along with any project constraints associated with the development plan. 

Geotechnical Report: The report showcases how our contractor will prepare the site if there is ground or surface water and how they will deal with it. Our contractor will also make sure you understand any additional requirements that may be needed. 

*An optional step in the planning stage consists of having the engineer or architect and contractor working on your project to come together for a meeting. We believe it is important to maintain open communication to ensure all needs are met from all persons involved. 

If an engineer or architect is not hired for your project, Lee Reger Builds, LLC., is happy to assist with designing your building – sounds like a “concrete” idea to us! We have extensive experience in design-building as commercial contractors.  

Stage 2: Design-Build & Pre-Construction

We ensure all of our projects are up-to-code with the appropriate regulations while staying in the budget. Our contractor takes a look at the feasibility of your space, presents a visual representation of the building and then establishes a workable timeline that is mapped out for you. 

The pre-construction process consists of our contractor gathering the materials and labor essentials needed for a successful end-product. The right items will then be compiled into a list with a budget analysis. When you have an in-depth understanding of your budget, it makes the decision process quick and timely. 

Stage 3: Procurement

The procurement stage is where your contractor will buy all the materials and equipment needed for your project. They will also enlist the best crew members needed for the labor work portion of the development. 

Our team strives to collect the fundamentals needed to make your unique vision become a reality. 

Stage 4: Construction

commercial construction timeline

Grafton, WV – Four turnkey pre-engineered metal buildings. 240 man bathhouse, prep plant bathhouse, office and shop/warehouse buildings.

At the beginning of the construction stage, we ask that you meet with the contractor to agree on work hours, quality control and the storage of materials during non-work hours. The contractor and crew will then break ground and start the building phase.

Stage 5: Post-Construction

After construction is finished, the contractor will conduct a post-walkthrough of the building to double-check your project is completed. We make sure the owner of the property agrees with the final product. Once an agreement is established, a certificate of completion is signed.

One more inspection is done by the building inspector. All of our structures and systems are thoroughly tested for safety and durability. 

After a comprehensive and well-rounded approval process, you, our happy client, will then be ready for occupancy in your new building. 

During our Camp Mountaineer Project, we designed and built a 2,400 sq. ft. building that featured offices, restrooms, a snack bar, retail and storage area.

“We wanted a building that was multi-purpose but that mainly served as a trading post for the kids. Lee Reger Builds did an excellent job of submitting engineering plans to start with. They can provide engineering as well as construct the building so you don’t have to hire an architect,” said Wes Metheney, attorney and Chair of the Long Range Planning and Construction Committee.  “I like a contractor that can build something that I see. And Lee Reger Builds can see things as I see them. The Trading Post looks exactly like I thought it was going to look.” 

We have happy customers in every county of West Virginia and the surrounding states. Let one of our commercial contracting experts help you with your next project. 



Lee Reger Builds, Inc., (LRB), was founded by Lee Reger in 1985, starting as a post-frame building contractor and eventually evolving into a full-fledged design-build commercial contractor. We are North Central West Virginia’s premier commercial contractor specializing in pre-engineered buildings, commercial contracting, design-build commercial services, commercial remodeling and finishing in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky. We also perform a wide range of conventional and masonry structures. 

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