Commercial Construction Project for Camp Mountaineer

Camp Mountaineer, a 1,000-acre camp, located 12-miles outside of Morgantown, West Virginia, needed to expand their camp to include a Trading Post that could be used in many different ways.

Discover how our team at Lee Reger Builds (LRB) worked with Wes Metheney, Chair of the Long Range Planning and Construction Committee for Camp Mountaineer, to create a building that exceeded their expectations, on time and on budget for this commercial construction project.  


Metheney is an attorney at Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC located in Morgantown, West Virginia. From 10 to 19, he spent almost every day in the summer at Camp Mountaineer, an affiliated camp for the Boy Scouts of America. As mentioned, Metheney is also the Chair of the Long Range Planning and Construction Committee for Camp Mountaineer. What they wanted from LRB was to develop a multi-purpose building used as a Trading Post for kids involved with the camp. 


LRB was definitely up for the challenge, as Sheldon Raber, co-owner, has a heart for the boy scouts since he was scouter himself. 

“LRB did an excellent job of submitting engineering plans to start with. They can provide engineering as well as construct the building, so you don’t have to hire an architect,” said Metheney. 

Building designs are required for submission to the West Virginia State Fire Marshal before starting construction.

Metheney said, “The letter they sent us approving the plans was sent with a note that said, it was ‘one of the better plans we’ve received in a long time.’ That made me feel good.”

Another strong principal LRB upholds is the power of communication when working on a project together. 

“One of the most important things is contact when you need to talk to someone. If you gave Sheldon and John a call, you heard back within five minutes,” Metheney continued, “ If they said they were going to do that change order for ‘X’ amount of dollars, that’s what it was. I saw Sheldon almost every day or at least two or three times a week. He’s very easy to work with, very accommodating.”

We go above and beyond for our clients at LRB to ensure we meet all needs and goals. 

We wanted the Camp Mountaineer project to be the best building in that camp.

“And it is,” Metheney continued, “Just little things to make it a better project. When the concrete guy was putting it in, they put a design in the concrete. They thought it would be a nice touch to the building. Everybody was ecstatic about it.”


Maintaining a tight, strict, unwavering deadline is crucial to our project management. It was essential to Wes Metheney and Camp Mountaineer too. 

Metheney said, “We set the contract for the Trading Post, it has to be done by May 1. It was done a month or two ahead of time. There was no quitting. They were going to get it done on schedule. We ended up with a building with 2,400 square feet – offices, restrooms, snack bars, retail areas, and storage areas. We knew when they handed us the keys; the building was ready to use.”

LRB strongly believes in the power of integrity, honesty and dependability with every one of our clients. 

“If they said they’re going to do it, they were going to do it, and that’s the way it’s going to be. We got exactly what we bargained for, but also a whole lot more,” said Metheney.  

He continues, “The whole concept of design-construct is you pick someone you can work with, someone that you can work with on a day-to-day basis and try to get the perfect project. LRB stayed on schedule; they stayed on budget. We got a perfect building at a price we had to build it.”


“They don’t want just to build something. They want to build something they’re proud of,” said Metheney.  

LRB is proud of the projects we complete, along with developing genuine relationships with clients along the way. Are you interested in commercial construction? Let’s make the process stress-free and get it finished together.

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