Planning to build a new commercial facility can be a long and possibly confusing process, especially if it’s your first time. At Lee Reger Builds, Inc., we want to make the process stress-free and get the project finished as timely as possible on budget. As a design-build commercial contractor, we specialize in pre-engineered buildings and turnkey projects from agricultural buildings to commercial and industrial buildings.

With any project, we believe it is important to understand the construction timeline, financial responsibility, as well as understand our proposal process. Learn more about:


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Commercial Construction Projects of Lee Reger Builds


If you’re in the beginning stages of your commercial construction plan, you may feel a bit confused or need a little help in understanding the commercial construction timeline. At Lee Reger Builds, Inc., we want to make sure you know when to expect your project to be finished and feel comfortable knowing that you have the experts on your side. Below is a general timeline that you can follow; however, it is important to note that this timeline can vary depending on clients, weather or any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Company: Faith Christian Fellowship Church
  • Location: Stonewood, WV
  • Work Completed: 5,000 square foot, turnkey structure. Church activities and youth ministries.


When starting the commercial construction process, the first step you need to do is find land for your property's location. Next, your commercial contractor will recommend a site analysis, geotechnical report and cost analysis of the project.

A site analysis will allow your contractor to understand how the building should be designed and if there are any constraints on the project. A geotechnical report will allow your contractor to understand how to prepare the site if there is ground or surface water and how to deal with it, as well as understand if there are any other requirements that need to be met to house the project on the land.

The next step is optional. If you already have an engineer who is working with you, you will want to get them and your contractor together for a meeting. Having an open line of communication between the architect and the contractor will benefit your project. However, if you do not have an architect, at Lee Reger Builds, Inc., we would be more than happy to help design your building as we have extensive experience with it. Having a design-build commercial contractor on your side is beneficial as you only need to deal with one company.

Lee Reger Builds Inc.

  • Company: Best Care Pharmacy
  • Location: Bridgeport, WV
  • Work Completed: 2,500 square foot, turnkey, conventional construction. Pharmaceutical and medical supply sales.


  • Company: Mountaineer Indian
  • Location: Morgantown, WV
  • Work Completed: 16,000 square foot, turnkey motorcycle, ATV, sales and service.

As a design-build commercial contractor, we can ensure that your building’s design is up to code and regulations, as well as within your budget. During this phase, we will look at the feasibility of your space, present a visual representation of the building and establish a workable timeline.

During pre-construction, materials and labor lists are drawn up, along with a budget analysis. Understanding what goes into your budget will allow you to make quick and timely decisions based on what your contractor has given you.



During the procurement phase, your contractor will buy all of the materials and equipment needed for the project, as well as enlist who they will need for the labor.

Lee Reger Builds Inc.

  • Company: Mountaineer Lawn Care
  • Location: Morgantown, WV
  • Work Completed: 6,000 square foot, turnkey, pre-engineered metal building. Lawn care services, shop and offices.


Lee Reger Builds Inc.

  • Company: Waste Management
  • Location: Bridgeport, WV
  • Work Completed: 6,000 square foot, pre-engineered metal building, shop and maintenance building.

Finally, it’s construction time. At the beginning of this phase, you may meet with your contractor to agree upon work hours, quality control and storage of materials during non-work hours. Afterward, your contractor and their crew will break ground and start the building phase, including excavation, utility and more.


After construction, a contractor will do a post-walkthrough of the building to double check that the project is completed down to making sure the paint color is correct and nothing is broken. Once the contractor and owner of the property agree that the project is completed, a certificate of completion is signed. Lastly, one more inspection is done by the building inspector. After that, occupancy can begin.

  • Company: Mahindra Tractor
  • Location: Bridgeport, WV
  • Work Completed: Pre-engineered wood frame building. Turnkey showroom, sales and service. Tractor and implement dealership.

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Depending on the financial situation of the client, there are a few common types of loans:


Arch Coal /Leer Mine
  • Company: Arch Coal / Leer Mine
  • Location: Grafton, WV
  • Work Completed: our turnkey pre-engineered metal buildings. 240 man bath house, prep plant bath house, office and shop / warehouse buildings.


When looking for a commercial contractor, it’s reasonable that you would also want to know how much the construction process will be and relatively how long it’s going to take. As you’re looking for proposals, there are two: fixed costs proposal and an estimated costs proposal.


Under a fixed cost proposal, a contractor will estimate how much labor and materials your construction project will need. Then, your contractor will give you a fixed price for the project and he/she promises that they will do x amount of work for x amount of dollars, even if it costs more. Going with a fixed cost proposal will allow you to understand even the smallest of details, while not getting bogged down. If you select a contractor with a solid reputation and who can demonstrate their work, you will get quality craftsmanship and a plan that stays on budget.

Under a fixed cost proposal, you may not need to be as diligent with monitoring the construction process. This can help take some of the stress away from what may seem like an already stressful project.


Under an estimated cost proposal, you will receive an itemized list from labor and materials costs to insurance, and instead of paying a fixed price for the project, you will pay actual market value for the entire construction process. While it may seem beneficial to get an itemized list of every detail your construction project will need, it can seem confusing. All of the extra construction costs that might not have been foreseen land on you instead of your contractor. You will have to be extra diligent to make sure the project stays on budget.


Camp Mountaineer Project

  • Building Size: 2,400 sq. ft.
  • Features: Offices, restrooms, snack bar, retail area and storage area  
  • Project Timeline: Approx. 4 months of construction (6 months of drawings/Fire Marshall approval)

“We wanted a building that was multi-purpose but that mainly served as a trading post for the kids. Lee Reger Builds did an excellent job of submitting engineering plans to start with. They can provide engineering as well as construct the building so you don't have to hire an architect,” said Wes Metheney, attorney and Chair of the Long Range Planning and Construction Committee.  “I like a contractor that can build something that I see. And Lee Reger Builds can see things as I see them. The Trading Post looks exactly like I thought it was going to look.”

“We knew when they handed us the keys, the building was ready to use.”

PARCS Superstore

  • Building Size: 23,000 - 24,000 sq. ft.
  • Project Timeline: 10 months for construction, 12 months with drawings/ Fire Marshall approval

“Lee Reger Builds has always been a reputable company. Every single project that I have had with Lee Reger Builds, they have stuck to a budget,” said Chris Sander.

“Usually when a question regarding details comes to me, I have to stop my day. With Lee Reger Builds, there is a solution involved in the question.”

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