Dental Office Construction: Rominger Dental Case Study

As a West Virginia business owner, you want your office space or practice tailored to you and your customers’ needs, right? Jaclyn Rominger, the owner of Rominger Dental, needed explicitly that. Learn how our expert staff at Lee Reger Builds (LRB) was able to take Jaclyn’s dental office construction design and turn it into a reality. 


Jaclyn contemplated opening her dental practice for a couple of years before deciding to lease a building and get started. Once the right building was selected, there was much work to do. The place she found only had gravel floors and required a complete build-out from the concrete floor to the final finished product. 

During this time, Jaclyn’s husband, Johnnie Rominger, co-owner of Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz, was beginning to expand his countertop fabrication business. Johnnie needed to expand to two buildings and make it look like a single structure. 

Both Johnnie and Jaclyn felt this time of building a new dental practice and going through a building expansion was going to be highly stressful and time-consuming. 


“Good contractors come with a lot of experience,” Johnnie said, “It’s when things start going wrong, which they tend to do, that good contractors know how to solve those problems and keep the project moving.”

He’s right, and at LRB, we have previously built a dental office. Our previous experience, combined with professionalism, made Jaclyn feel wholeheartedly confident about her choice to work with LRB.  

Sheldon and John, co-owners of LRB, worked “hand-in-hand” on this project and eliminated the need for added stress or complications. Instead, our team made Jaclyn feel comforted and empowered throughout the entire process.

“It sounds too good to be true, but they really were a dream to work with,” Jaclyn said, “With Lee Reger Builds, you get guys that genuinely care about your project.”

Our team at LRB also enjoys fine-tuning projects to ensure we produce top-quality detailed work. 

“John and Sheldon would go out there and sometimes measure things two, three, or as many times as they needed until they knew what they were working on was right,” said Johnnie. 

We took the initiative to manage all of the big and little aspects when building Jaclyn’s new dental office, including:

  • Gravel floors
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Paint
  • Detailed finishing touches

“It was amazing to me, as someone who was doing something completely out of their comfort zone – I thought this was going to be the most stressful time in my life. There were so many decisions to be made and this was all foreign to me. I thought Johnnie would have to be more involved, not by choice, out of complete necessity. But honestly, John and I had such a great working relationship that Johnnie didn’t need to step in hardly at all. Working with Lee Reger Builds was the easiest part of this whole process for me,” said Jaclyn.

Jaclyn came to LRB with clear preferences, both complex and simplistic. Our team met all of her project needs without hesitation. We completed our work from start to finish and happily stood right beside her the entire time.


Once we discuss the client’s needs, wants and preferences, our team started working on what Jaclyn’s dental office construction. At LRB, we immerse ourselves in every single project, and it becomes evident in the quality work delivered. 

Our team at LRB demonstrates what they can do, and it guarantees client satisfaction. Our team opened her office right on time and stayed on task throughout the entire project. We made the planning, decision-making, building and detailed processes manageable and straightforward for Jaclyn to alleviate any anxious-feelings. 

Jaclyn continues to receive compliments on the dental practice. 

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